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Paul Omonge

Paul Omonge is a facilitator, Team Building Coach, Youth Leader and Mentor. He has worked with a wide array of clients and groups on creating synergy and bonds within teams using dynamic games and an environment for thought leaderships’ unlearning and relearning principles so as to expand horizons for personal growth, leadership encounters and cohesiveness of a team. He has also offered talks and seminars on resource leadership and the role of young leaders in the 21st century.

Omonge holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Rangeland Management from the University of Nairobi, MSc. Environmental Science from Kenyatta University as well as being an Alumnus of the Sauvé Fellows Leadership program offered by the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation and the University of McGill, in Montreal Canada. Omonge has also co-founded youth based environmental leadership organizations such as Lake Victoria Sunset Birders and the Change Africa Youth Initiative (with the assistance of the World Bank Climate Change Institute). He has worked for Nature Kenya as a Site Conservation officer and is currently an Adjunct Tutor for the University of McGill’s Canadian Field Studies in Africa (CFSIA) program. When not building teams, Paul will often be found sampling the culinary delights of the nearest restaurant.

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